Filtered vs. Unfiltered Wine Tasting

23 January, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Location: plymouth

Join us for an evening discovering the ins & outs of the filtration process. We'll explore the reasons why wines are filtered and how it is done, as well as what happens when we simply don't do it!

Filtering & fining is all about removing unwanted material from the wine, such as yeast, small bacteria and microbes, which clarifies and stabilises the wine before it is bottled. Unfiltered wines have become very popular in recent years with the trend of more 'natural' products, and some winemakers have gained quite a talent for producing exceptional wines with this minimal intervention method.

You'll enjoy samples of 6 different wines, all treated completely differently when it comes to filtering. From a well fined & bright wine through to a cloudy, natural wine with sediment - you'll discover just how much this part of the production method can change the end result.

Tickets £20

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